Listen Wherever You Get Your Podcasts

Podcasting doesn’t have it easy. Unlike other mediums, there are multiple places where a show can be found and that can make it difficult to know where to send people to hear it. I like to think of it like this: If you want to watch Coronation Street you need to tune in to ITV. … Read More

Why Reviews Matter (& Why They Don’t)

Listen to any podcast and you’ll probably hear the words “make sure to leave us a review and rate us 5 stars!” It’s a tried and trusted phrase that’s trotted out by podcasters without thinking. The belief is that by having several 5 star reviews will help other people to find and therefore listen to … Read More

5 Podcast Marketing Tips

You might make the best podcast in the world but no ones going to listen to it if you don’t tell people about it.  Even if you already have an established podcast, you’ll want more people to know about it. And one of the most commonly asked questions in podcasting is “How do I get … Read More



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