Share What You Know With An Info-cast

You’ve got information to share. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there will be stuff you know that could help someone else.

There are loads of ways that you can share that information but I think a podcast could be the one, specifically an info-cast.

Now don’t panic, an info-cast is still a podcast. It’s just a term that I’ve come up with to describe the type of podcast where the host alone provides information to the listener. This means there’s no hassle of finding and booking guests and are fairly easy to plan.

Because info-casts are basically a monologue they’re usually quite short. They’ll concentrate on one thing and deliver it in as simple a manner as possible. That’s not to say that they can’t be entertaining. As with all good podcasts, there’s still plenty of room to showcase your personality.

They’re also good for helping people to find you. Stick your episodes on your website for people to find and add a transcript of each episode or write a long form blog post to go with it. This will give lots of extra benefits for both the podcast and your website in the form of SEO, as people could find you through the keywords you use in your episode descriptions.

Take Help! My Website Sucks for instance. I helped WordPress Website Designer, Amy Gumbrell to save time answering the frequently asked questions she receives about making websites by turning them into a podcast. Each episode concentrates on one aspect of making a website and delivers the information in around 10 minutes. Amy has added the podcast to her website and is now able to point people to specific episodes to answer questions she receives from potential customers.

If you’re not in the business of absolutes, alternatively you could provide your opinion on the latest news and trends taking place in your industry. This will show people that you know what you’re doing and elevate your position as someone worth listening to within your industry. In the world of podcasting, Evo Terra’s Podcast Pontifications delivers this perfectly.

In each episode, Evo delves into one topic, aiming to help explain what it is, how it affects his audience and why he believes it’s important. It’s not about saying you should do this or that, it’s about delivering the facts and allowing the audience to make up their own mind, whilst adding his own thoughts on the topic to get his point across.

These are just two examples of course. And you might have a slightly different take on how to do it that will work for you and your business.

It’s also important to point out that it won’t be right for everyone. Info-casts are particularly good for people who have a particular thing to share, like a new piece of software or their view on a specific topic.

If you’d like to have a chat about how an info-cast, or any other type of podcast, could work for you, set up a call with me below. 

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