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We Work TogetherĀ is a podcast from the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership about working in partnership to improve health and care for people in West Yorkshire, and the relationships between the partners involved. The podcast aims to promote and share the work of the Partnership and to demonstrate how it is working together with health and care providers across West Yorkshire.

We Work Together is also a podcast about leadership, andĀ an opportunity forĀ local health and care leadersĀ to discuss howĀ the Partnershipā€™s prioritiesĀ align with their own values and working styles.

The podcast is primarily aimed at people who work in health and care in West Yorkshire.

I first got involved in the podcast as a freelance editor for two episodes in December 2020. In September 2021 I was commissioned to produce a full series of We Work Together promoting the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership’s Wellbeing Hub – an online resource for healthcare staff in West Yorkshire.

The partnership recognises that people who care for others are often reluctant to seek help for themselves and so this podcast series aims to make people aware that help is available to them, no matter their role.

The 6 episode series shares stories from across West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership including care homes, primary care units and the wellbeing hub team.

A fantastic job and Iā€™m personally grateful, not just for the speed and quality of the work but for your attitude and affability. Just a really great experience from start to finish.



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