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After self-producing the first two seasons of their podcast, Talk About It Mate founder, Mike Richard sat down with me to work out out how to make the podcast do more for his organisation.

I’d attended a peer support session ran by Talk About It Mate and felt that the concept would lend itself nicely to audio. Mike agreed and we created a new version of his podcast that showcased the biggest part of what his organisation had to offer.

Each episode was based around a different topic such as; loneliness, hope, pride, community and more. Two or more people from the Talk About It Mate community would then discuss their own feelings and experiences of the topic, just as they would do it a peer support group meeting.

The podcast helped to raise the profile of Talk About It Mate and grow their community.

“Charles quickly understood the values and ethos of my organisation and helped us to understand that even though the podcast was just a small part of our social enterprise, it could help us to reach a new audience and he was integral in helping to shape the direction of our entire organisation around a new podcast campaign. The quality of the work produced was exceptional from start to finish.”



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