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Stoma + Continence Conversations is the essential podcast for stoma and continence care, brought to you by Coloplast Professional, UK.

Hosts Karen Tomlin and Paul Russell-Roberts discuss the latest hot topics in the worlds of stoma, continence care, and specialist practice with fellow healthcare professionals.

Hear from stoma care and urology nurses and other professionals working in bladder and bowel care.

With an established podcast by the US arm of Coloplast Professional, the UK team wanted to create a podcast of their own that would compliment the rest of their educational content.

“Thank you so much for taking our random idea and helping to make it come to life is such a painless way.

The response we’ve had has been so encouraging. Many people talk about the professionalism and quality of the podcast so a huge thank you to you!”

Listen to the podcast and find more information here.



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