Cyber Unplugged

👾👆Listen to ‘Cyber Unplugged‘ here👆👾 Join SonicWall and a range of Cybersecurity Professionals as they talk frankly about all things cybersecurity on Cyber Unplugged. Cyber Unplugged was produced for SonicWall, a cybersecurity company who were looking to create a podcast as part of their marketing campaign. Along with the team at Tech Demand, I worked … Read More

Talk About It Mate

🗣👆Listen to ‘Talk About It Mate‘ here👆🗣 After self-producing the first two seasons of their podcast, Talk About It Mate founder, Mike Richard sat down with me to work out out how to make the podcast do more for his organisation. I’d attended a peer support session ran by Talk About It Mate and felt … Read More

The One Identity Security Podcast

👩‍💻👆Listen to ‘The One Identity Security Podcast‘ here👆👩‍💻 One Identity are a cybersecurity company who wanted to make a podcast that would showcase their research papers and written content. The first series explores the world of Privileged Access Management, while series 2 looks at Identity Access Governance. I worked with Tech Demand to devise a … Read More

It’s All Cobblers To Me

👞👆Listen to ‘It’s All Cobblers To Me‘ here👆👞 The first podcast in the Vibrant Sound Media portfolio, It’s All Cobblers To Me is a football podcast specifically made for fans of Northampton Town FC. Hosted by four Northampton fans, the podcast aims to fill the gap that the local media leaves with regard to fan … Read More

Euro 2020 To Me

⚽️👆Listen to ‘It’s All Euro 2020 To Me‘ here👆⚽️ Three years into making It’s All Cobblers To Me, a sister podcast was created especially for the European Championships (Euro 2020) held in the summer of 2021. Along with my Cobblers co-hosts, Danny and Neil, I hosted a chat about all the tournament action. From the previous … Read More

The MMT Podcast

  💷👆Listen to ‘The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly‘ here👆💷 The MMT Podcast offers economic analysis on current issues from a Modern Monetary Theory perspective. Aimed at anyone who has ever felt lost in the jargon used by mainstream economics commentators. I support Christian by providing editing services on an ad-hoc basis. Listen … Read More

Cyber Tribe

👩‍💻👆Listen to ‘CyberTribe‘ here👆👩‍💻 The CYBERTRIBE is a cyber community that features different cyber-themed ‘tribes’ which people can join, post to, watch, and listen to Podcasts, blog, live chat with guests and share content on the cyber world.  The focus is on all things cyber.  And that’s a lot! CyberTribe was the vision of cybersecurity … Read More

Slimming World Podcast

🥒👆Listen to ‘The Slimming World Podcast‘ here👆🥒 Created by Slimming World member, Clare Freeman and consultant, Anna Mangan, Slimming World Podcast is a group outside of group for people who are going through their own weight loss journey, with the help of Slimming World. I’m very proud to be part of the team and edit … Read More

Self-centred With Roann Ghosh

  🧘‍♂️👆Listen to ‘Self Centred with Roann‘ here👆🧘‍♂️ I was the audio editor for Self Centred with Roann, working alongside a series producer for the presenter and client, Roann Ghosh. It takes guts to follow your own path, to unmute and and show up in life as a true and authentic version of yourself. Through a series … Read More



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