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The first podcast in the Vibrant Sound Media portfolio, It’s All Cobblers To Me is a football podcast specifically made for fans of Northampton Town FC.

Hosted by four Northampton fans, the podcast aims to fill the gap that the local media leaves with regard to fan opinion. In each episode, Charles, Danny, Neil and Chessie chat about the latest results and club news, while also discussing the thoughts and opinions of the listeners.

The podcast is recorded weekly throughout the English football season and is a perfect example of how a community can be developed around regular, relevant content.

Each week I script, present, record, edit and publish the podcast as well as writing a blog post and creating additional content for our Patreon supporters.

Since launching in September 2018, It’s All Cobblers To Me has spoken with past players and managers, presented live shows before games during the 2020 League Two Play-Offs and hosted fan Q&A events in conjunction with Northampton Town FC at Sixfields Stadium.

In November 2021, It’s All Cobblers To Me was named Club Podcast of the Year by the Football Supporters’ Association.

“This professionally produced podcast fills the gap that newspapers and radio stations leave behind.

Instead of just reporting what ideally the club feed to newspapers etc this podcast deals with all cobblers related topics fairly but also not afraid to say when they disagree with a decision , whether that be who to bring on as a sub or simply an admin decision.

In short this podcast is as described, like having a chat with pals at the pub before or after a match.

Its produced so to come across as a very fair and is easily one of my top podcasts.

There is a sprinkling of fun, banter and familiarity with the team that present who clearly also share a good relationship with the club.

A must for all Cobblers fans.”

Listen to the podcast here.



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