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Human Story Theatre are a theatre company based in Oxford who produce shows with a focus on health and social care issues.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the UK’s arts scene was forced to temporarily close and many companies looked for a way to keep in touch with their audiences through digital media.

I worked with Human Story Theatre to create a podcast series to go alongside their last physical production, Dry.

During Dry’s run, Artistic Director and co-founder, Amy Enticknap had recorded behind the scenes audio with the cast, crew and audience members for the purpose of creating a legacy podcast.

I worked with Amy to use the existing audio alongside a series of new interviews to make the first series of their podcast.

I also gave advice on making their second series, a play adapted for audio, for which I edited an interview for a bonus episode.

“We have worked with Charles on two podcast series now, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He is extremely hardworking and patient, nothing is ever too much trouble and his approach to an episode is always steeped with integrity and creativity. Charles’ invaluable ‘outside ear’ has no doubt enhanced my original ideas for our podcast. Not to mention he has worked technical wizardry due to limitations of our recordings during lockdown. Thank you! We look forward to working with you again in the future.”



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