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15 Minute Freelancer is your snack-sized guide to being your own boss and building a business and life you love. In this podcast for freelancers, you’ll get practical strategies and behind the scenes stories from your host, freelance health copywriter Louise Shanahan, so you can create a freelance business that works for you.

“When I asked Twitter for recommendations for a podcast editor, pretty much everyone mentioned Charles. And after 8 months of working with Charles, I’m not surprised! Charles edits interview episodes for the 15 Minute Freelancer podcast, turning each conversation into a succinct, engaging episode. Not only does he work quickly and carefully with a great ear for what listeners want to hear, but he’s also full of expert advice and ideas to help improve the podcast. As a new podcaster, I really appreciated his support and encouragement while I found my feet. I recommend his podcast editing services wholeheartedly.”

Listen to the podcast here.



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