15 Minute Freelancer

⏰👆Listen to ‘15 Minute Freelancer‘ here👆⏰ 15 Minute Freelancer is your snack-sized guide to being your own boss and building a business and life you love. In this podcast for freelancers, you’ll get practical strategies and behind the scenes stories from your host, freelance health copywriter Louise Shanahan, so you can create a freelance business … Read More

Stoma and Continence Conversations

🩺👆Listen to ‘Stoma + Continence Conversations‘ here👆🩺 Stoma + Continence Conversations is the essential podcast for stoma and continence care, brought to you by Coloplast Professional, UK. Hosts Karen Tomlin and Paul Russell-Roberts discuss the latest hot topics in the worlds of stoma, continence care, and specialist practice with fellow healthcare professionals. Hear from stoma care … Read More

A Cup of Teal with Helen Sanderson

☕️👆Listen to ‘A Cup of Teal‘ here👆☕️ Teal is short-hand for the future of work. It means bringing your whole self to work, a focus on purpose and self-management. This podcast is a chat, over a cup of tea with the people who are making this change in health, care and the public sector, sharing … Read More

Help! My Website Sucks

👩‍💻👆Listen to ‘Help! My Website Sucks‘ here👆👩‍💻 Help! My Websites Sucks is the bitesize guide to making web design easier. Hosted by freelance web designer and top cow at Two Cows Web, Amy Gumbrell,  each 15 minute episode takes one topic, breaks it down using easy to understand language and shows you how it all … Read More

We Work Together

🗣👆Listen to ‘We Work Together‘ here👆🗣 We Work Together is a podcast from the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership about working in partnership to improve health and care for people in West Yorkshire, and the relationships between the partners involved. The podcast aims to promote and share the work of the Partnership and to demonstrate … Read More

Data Science Conversations

💾👆Listen to ‘Data Science Conversations‘ here👆💾 Interesting conversations with the world’s leading Academics working on cutting edge topics with potential for real world impact. I’ve been editing Data Science Conversations since the start of 2021 on behalf of Data Science Talent, the leading data science recruiter. I work with the marketing team to edit audio interviews … Read More

Tech Demand Weekly

📝👆Listen to ‘Tech Demand Weekly‘ here👆📝 Produced for marketing agency, Tech Demand, this weekly podcast explores the world of marketing through the experiences of marketers based around the world. In each episode, Charles speaks with a different marketing expert about a specific topic. Episodes include topics such as how to write blog posts, white papers … Read More

People Of Tech

🔐👆Listen to ‘People Of Tech‘ here👆🔐 An 11 part podcast series produced for iTGlobal Market, speaking to people from the world of cybersecurity about their careers, the fast moving world of cyber and the future of tech. I worked with the team at iTGlobal Market to create a podcast that would be the focal point … Read More

State Of The Phish

🎣👆Listen to ‘State Of The Phish‘ here👆🎣 This 3 part podcast series explores the findings of the State of the Phish 2019 Report which shows that cyber attackers continue to focus on end-users. The podcast was produced for Proofpoint Security Awareness Training. The podcast was used as the source content for a lead generation campaign ran … Read More

Human Story Theatre

🎭👆Listen to ‘Human Story Theatre‘ here👆🎭 Human Story Theatre are a theatre company based in Oxford who produce shows with a focus on health and social care issues. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the UK’s arts scene was forced to temporarily close and many companies looked for a way to keep in touch with their … Read More



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