Listen Wherever You Get Your Podcasts

Podcasting doesn’t have it easy. Unlike other mediums, there are multiple places where a show can be found and that can make it difficult to know where to send people to hear it.

I like to think of it like this:

If you want to watch Coronation Street you need to tune in to ITV. For the latest Star Wars series you’ll need Disney+. And for The Crown, Netflix is your destination. 

That is all once you’ve turned on your TV of course.

In podcasting, the ‘TV’ is the multitude of podcast listening apps that are out there. There isn’t one, solid destination to send people to.

While some podcasts have been made exclusive to certain platforms – Joe Rogan on Spotify for instance – you can generally load up any one of numerous apps and find 99% of all available podcasts.

And because we all have our own preferences, our listeners don’t all use the same app. So telling people to go to Apple Podcasts will alienate the Spotify users and telling people to go to Castbox will alienate those who use Google Podcasts and so on.

This is why the phrase “listen wherever you get your podcasts” has become so well known. But is it the right thing to say?

The Pros and Cons

The answer to the above is that it depends.

There’s an argument that because the phrase has become so well known, there’s no reason not to say it.

I actually agree, just not on the podcast itself.

One of my biggest bugbears is hearing a podcast host say where I can listen to the episode.

Funnily enough, I already know as I am listening to it!

Leave your ‘listen to our podcast’ call to action for elsewhere.

While a lot more people know what a podcast is than did 10 years ago, there is still a percentage of people who do not.

If you really want to reach as many people as possible, being more specific might be better.

So what should you say?

Choose a platform and stick to it

Go into the details of your host’s analytics and you’ll be able to see which app is most used by your listeners. For most podcasts it will be one of Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

If there is a particular app which stands head and shoulders above the rest, you could decide to point all of your new listeners there.

This gives a very clear call to action for people to follow and removes any wishy-washy barrier that offering a choice creates.

Make a website to direct people to

I’m a big advocate for creating a website for your podcast asit gives you your own space on the internet, which you control.

It’s all well and good having a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account but with any of those you’re a slave to their algorithm.

At any point, the social media companies could stop people seeing you or even take down your account without warning.

Having a website removes that risk.

Some hosting companies will create a website for you. My personal favourite is Captivate who have a lovely looking site which you can personalise with ease.

You can purchase a domain name fairly cheaply, add it to your website and then start directing people there to listen to your podcast.

Check out my website for It’s All Cobblers To Me at

Use a Single Promo Link

Tools like podfollow create a magic link which will direct people to a different place, depending on the device they’re using.

Apple users will be sent to Apple Podcasts and Android phone users are sent to Spotify – all with just one click.

I like to use’s Single Promo Link which is their own version of a linktree page.

Your host may have one too.

It’s your choice

Whatever you decide to say, helping new people to listen to your podcast by making it as easy as possible should be a priority.

In the future someone or something might happen that will solve this predicament but until then, you need to do what works best for you and your podcast.

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