Listen Wherever You Get Your Podcasts

Podcasting doesn’t have it easy. Unlike other mediums, there are multiple places where a show can be found and that can make it difficult to know where to send people to hear it. I like to think of it like this: If you want to watch Coronation Street you need to tune in to ITV. … Read More

Why Reviews Matter (& Why They Don’t)

Listen to any podcast and you’ll probably hear the words “make sure to leave us a review and rate us 5 stars!” It’s a tried and trusted phrase that’s trotted out by podcasters without thinking. The belief is that by having several 5 star reviews will help other people to find and therefore listen to … Read More

How to start a podcast. A woman sits at a desk, talking into a microphone while wearing headphones

How To Start A Podcast

Although it may seem intimidating and tricky to the casual observer, anyone can start a podcast. It doesn’t matter what level of technical ability or experience you have. If you have an idea for a podcast and have been reluctant to give it a try or just don’t know where to start, this guide is … Read More

5 Podcast Marketing Tips

You might make the best podcast in the world but no ones going to listen to it if you don’t tell people about it.  Even if you already have an established podcast, you’ll want more people to know about it. And one of the most commonly asked questions in podcasting is “How do I get … Read More

Why You Should Enter Your Podcast Into Awards

There are plenty of reasons why people enter awards. And there are a few reasons why people don’t. I was quite cynical about them myself for a while. I believed that the most likely way to win one was to be popular or rich enough to sponsor an awards ceremony. Those opinions may still be … Read More

Why You Should Edit Your Podcast

Do you ever get annoyed when listening to a podcast? Do you ever find yourself yelling “get to the *$%^£%$ point” at your phone? Okay so you’ve probably not done that second thing but believe me, I’ve thought it. And if I’ve thought it, others have too. It’s really easy to spend the first 10 … Read More

Welcome To Vibrant Sound Media

Hello there and welcome to my brand new website. Thanks for stopping by, I really hope you like it. If this is your first time here, let me introduce myself, I’m Charles. I live in Warrington – bang in the middle between Manchester and Liverpool – with my partner and daughter. I’m not originally from … Read More

5 Ways To Keep People Listening To Your Podcast

All podcasters want one thing. One thing above all others. It’s the bottom line. The thing that will lead to other good things happening. What’s that thing? More listeners. Listeners are the bedrock of every podcast. Without them, no more can be achieved. You can forget about sponsorship deals, becoming a minor celebrity, winning awards. … Read More

5 Ways To Engage With Your Listeners

One of the best things that podcasting can give you is an audience. A group of people who press play on your podcast every time you release a new episode and hang on your every word. Whilst being able to talk to your audience is great, it’s really important to give them a way of … Read More



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