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A child counts their tower of numbered blocks on a green background below the words How Many Downloads Is A Good Number For A Podcast?

How Many Downloads Is A Good Number For A Podcast?

For any podcaster starting out, the big thing you’ll want to know is how many downloads your podcast should be getting. The problem is there’s no definitive answer and that can be frustrating. Unfortunately, that means I can’t tell you either. But what I can do is help to provide a better understanding of just … Read More

How To Set (And Achieve) Your Podcasting Goals

Setting goals for yourself is a good way to help your development and it’s no different for your podcast.  Whether it’s to attract new listeners, improve the sound quality or be more consistent with your release schedule, setting goals for your podcast is a great way to start improving it. Setting goals can be a … Read More

Share What You Know With An Info-cast

You’ve got information to share. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there will be stuff you know that could help someone else. There are loads of ways that you can share that information but I think a podcast could be the one, specifically an info-cast. Now don’t panic, an info-cast is … Read More

How Often Should You Release Your Podcast Episodes?

Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. And I don’t just mean in terms of their content. In my podcast library (I’m an Apple Podcasts guy) I have a huge array of podcasts, all of which update at different times. Some release new episodes every day. Some come out weekly. Others come out all in … Read More

How To Record Your Podcast Remotely

One of the things I love about podcasting is its accessibility. A great example of this is that you can record them pretty much anywhere. There’s no need for a fancy recording studio and to have everyone in the same room either. Remote recording is where it’s at. The majority of the podcasts I make … Read More



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