Audio Editing

I believe that there isn’t a podcast that couldn’t be improved by editing.

Hitting the record button and talking into a microphone is a great start but you’ll need to do more to create an engaging and entertaining podcast.

Cutting out the waffle, repetition and filler words will make your podcast easier to listen to and a more enjoyable experience for the listener.

Editing isn’t just about cutting words either. It’s about making the audio sound the best it can be. While a lot of what it sounds like will be determined during the recording process, there’s still a bit of work that can be done during the editing stage.

The one thing editing isn’t is sexy.

The fun bit of podcasting is the recording. Editing can take a long time to master and even once you do know how to do it, it’s still time consuming.

That’s why I offer a podcast editing service.

Just send your raw audio recordings to me and I’ll make it sound great and turn it into a professional sounding podcast episode using Adobe Audition and RX software.



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