About Vibrant Sound Media


Hey, I’m Charles. Head Podcaster (a title I gave myself) at Vibrant Sound Media. I’ve been working with audio for over 15 years, in radio, podcasting and voiceover work.

It all started in my bedroom, where I would record songs off the radio on my brightly coloured gettoblaster (it was the 90’s!) onto cassette tapes and then create my own radio shows. Luckily none of these tapes survive today!

My love of audio remains to this day and my aim is to create podcasts which bring people together with a common interest to form communities. It’s All Cobblers To Me, the first podcast I created, is a perfect example of this.

Away from the microphone you’ll most likely find me out running ridiculously long ultra-marathons, cheering on Northampton Town, binge watching episodes of Doctor Who or listening to podcasts of course!

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